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GoPet Dog Vue Kennel Dog Doors

GoPet Dog Vue Kennel Doors

How It Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Vue kennel doors are a dog friendly money saving solution for keeping climate controlled air inside the the kennel. It provides natural lighting, creating a healthier environment inside the kennel. The innovative side flange allows the dog to enter or exit the kennel at will with a simple nudge of the nose.

Easy To Use

Reduces Cost

Bulldog Tough Construction

Dog Vue Standard Sizes
Item Number Case Quantity Door Width Door Height Opening Width Opening Height
DDV 1015 12 10 in 15 in 8.5 in 13.5 in
DDV 1218 12 12 in 18 in 10.5 in 16.5 in
DDV 1521 12 15 in 21 in 13.5 in 19.5 in
DDV 1720 12 17 in 20 in 15.5 in 18.5 in
DDV 1724 12 17 in 24 in 15.5 in 22.5 in
DDV 1828 6 18 in 28 in 16.5 in 26.5 in

Styles may vary

Custom sizes are available by special order

Optional Door Trainer Stop

Dog Vue Dog Trainer Stop
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