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Dog Testimonials
“I can go for a walk on my own, anytime I want.” -Vinny
“I learned how to run on my TreadMill in less than 10 minutes.” -Hudson
“I can go for a run without my leash.” -Vanilla
“I can walk or run at my own pace.” -Hogan
“I'm off my leash and free to run as fast and long as I want.” -Augie
“Best workout I've had in years.” -Cooper
“A walk in my TreadWheel helps me get my energy out.” -Vinny
“My owner is busy and I needs lots of walks.” -Fred
“My TreadMill is better than chasing squirrels.” -Spike
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1. "I love this wheel it is the greatest invention ever!"
---Stacey LaForge and Gerald Gross

2. "My 2 Munchkin cats can't get enough and my Toy Maltese loves the wheel." "The Maltese doesn't shake with energy anymore he is calmer from using the GoPet Treadwheel."
---Sarah Perich

3. We rescued a long-haired Tibetan Terrier that weighed in at 46 pounds. We changed his food intake levels for about a year and then got him a GoPet Exercise tread wheel to use – running 30-60 minutes a day. He now weighs a slim, healthy, happy 28 pounds."
---Annette Ohman

4. "My Cavaliers just want to run and run."
---Kay Ames Obedience School

5. "I have a red poodle that loves to teach the other dogs how to use the tread wheel." "They are like a big happy family."
---E. Martin

6. "I show and train Shiba Inu's – our champion male has never looked so good as this year." He has free access to the GoPet treadwheel and has improved gait and has excellent muscle tone. I am most impressed by his relaxed manor.
---Trish @ Sheer Heaven Pet Resort

7. "It is a great treadmill."

8. "This is a great treadmill. My Miniature Schnauzer was walking on it comfortably the first day. My Beagle needs a little more work but is making great progress quickly. The treadmill was easy to set up although a bit heavy, we do not plan on moving it. It is very quiet. It will be great for any day that is either too hot, cold or wet for a regular walk."

9. "Works great. My dogs were running on it in no time. They look forward to the workout when the weather is bad or its too hot for their regular walk. Its a bit short for my beagle, even though I was assured it was the correct size. Probably would have bought the next size larger if I had known."

10. "This treadmill works great; now my italian greyhound still gets exercise in the winter! I am sure this would work well for small and medium sized dogs. If you have a larger dog, I would encourage you to look at the dimentions of the treadmills carefully to make sure you dog will fit (taking into account their stride)."
---MN IG Owner

11. "Very satisfied with this treadmill. Very energetic papillon adapted easily and enjoys using it. Extremely quiet, live in an apartment so noise and size was an issue. Not a problem with this item. A little heavy but it does have wheels."
---Pap owner

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