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Treadwheel Specs
GoPet Treadwheels are made in the United States of America. GoPet is an American Pet Products Association (APPA) member.

TreadWheel Specifications
Model # Breed Size Max Weight Running Area Unit Weight Unit Total Dimensions Other
CG 4012 Toy/Small 25 lbs 40"(dia) x 12"(w) 42 lbs 44"(h) x 30"(d) x 40"(w) Plastic w/Steel
Training Door
Matted Surface
CS 4814 Small/Medium 80 lbs 48"(dia) x 14"(w) 163 lbs 56"(h) x 30"(d) x 50"(w) Powder Coated
Matted Surface
CS 6020 Medium/Some Large 150 lbs 60"(dia) x 20"(w) +200 lbs 70"(h) x 35"(d) x 65"(w) Powder Coated
Matted Surface
Tension Control